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PROJECT NAME: SciFi in schools 学校的科幻

EXECUTING DEPARTMENT: Municipal Secretariat of Education (SME) 市教育秘书处(SME

INVOLVED DEPARTMENTS:SME, Municipal Information Technology Company (Iplanrio), Fluminense Federal University(Universidade Federal Fluminense) 中小企业,市政信息技术公司(Iplanrio),Fluminense联邦大学(Fluminense联邦大学)


Education in the 21st century is guided by a paradigm shift of the classroom model and the teacher-student relationship. The current model of the classroom has its origins in the Greek sophists and the Socratic method. This method has changed little in the last 2,500 years and shows signs of exhaustion in the face of a reality that changes at a challenging pace for its students to keep up with. Few events in human history have developed the potential of interactions as abruptly as the advent of the internet.  

21世纪的教育以课堂模式和师生关系的范式转换为指导。 目前的课堂模式起源于希腊的诡辩家和苏格拉底式的方法。 这种方法在过去的2500年里几乎没有什么变化,并且面对现实情况出现了疲惫的迹象,这种现实正在以极具挑战性的速度发生变化,以便学生跟上。 人类历史上很少有事件像互联网的出现一样突然发生互动的可能性

In the beginning of the 21st century it became clear that a new era was beginning, where the concept of obsolescence of information converges with the potentialization of the digital voice of each individual, where anyone, at any time, can inform and be informed instantaneously and through an affordable instrument. 21世纪初,很明显新的时代开始了,信息过时的概念与每个人的数字声音的潜在化融合在一起,任何人都可以随时通知和立即获知信息。 通过经济实惠的工具

In keeping up with this new Information Age, the educator's array of analysis has also become more powerful, and the result is a new insight into the learning process where not only everyone is able to learn but in reality, everyone is learning all the time, each one in a particular way. Some learn better in the classroom, others through videos or audios, and by consuming information, everybody also generates information that is reprocessed by the educator in a continuous process of improvement and adequacy. 为了与这个新的信息时代保持一致,教育者的一系列分析也变得更加强大,结果是对学习过程的新见解,不仅每个人都能学习,而且实际上每个人都在学习, 每一个都以特定的方式。 有些人在课堂上学得更好,有些人通过视频或音频学习,并且通过消费信息,每个人也会在持续的改进和充分过程中产生由教育者重新处理的信息。

In this context, it becomes self-evident that the 21st century school needs to be connected, but not in the way it was anticipated at the end of the last century, but taking into account the use of smartphones and other devices that conform to the concept of Internet of Things, since these are an integral part of the digital citizenship of the child at the beginning of this millennium. 在这种情况下,21世纪的学校需要联系起来,而不是像上个世纪末预期的那样,而是考虑到智能手机和其他符合 物联网的概念,因为它们是本千年初儿童数字公民身份的一个组成部分


School connectivity has to take into account a diversity of factors that include in its core availability, capacity and ability of identification. For these purposes, it is necessary to configure a network so that these factors are part of your project, and this is the result of a set of expected requirements, not simply a generic project of wireless connection. 学校连通性必须考虑到其核心可用性,能力和识别能力等因素的多样性。 出于这些目的,有必要配置网络,使这些因素成为项目的一部分,这是一组预期要求的结果,而不仅仅是无线连接的通用项目

The project described here uses custom low-cost shelf equipment through a software controller based on the OpenWRT open project developed by Universidade Federal Fluminense specifically for use in this context, and that works with the guideline of a greater density of equipment running in an intelligent way, automatically communicating with each other and autonomously managing its power and data channel. 这里描述的项目通过基于联邦大学Fluminense开发的OpenWRT开放项目的软件控制器使用定制的低成本货架设备,专门用于此背景,并且以智能方式运行的高密度设备的指导方针工作 ,自动相互通信并自主管理其电源和数据通道

For its implementation in the Municipal Network of the City of Rio de Janeiro it is necessary to scale the solution to approximately 1543 schools, taking into account all the challenges that the diversity of the municipal grid brings. 为了在里约热内卢市政网络中实施,有必要将解决方案扩展到大约1543所学校,同时考虑到市政网格多样性带来的所有挑战


1) To provide a wireless network solution designed specifically for the spatial and quantitative characteristics of the school environment in the municipal network; 提供专门针对市政网络中学校环境的空间和数量特征而设计的无线网络解决方案

2) Use low cost and shelf equipment that allows simple replacement in case of loss or theft; 使用低成本和货架设备,允许在丢失或被盗的情况下进行简单更换

3) Collaborate with the Fluminense Federal University research projects, thus accrediting the SME to receive more benefits from this research, such as control of students' presence from their mobile devices, controls of remote activation of locks and light switches and remote management of the entire system; Fluminense联邦大学的研究项目合作,从而认可中小企业从这项研究中获得更多的好处,例如控制学生在移动设备上的存在,控制远程激活锁和灯开关以及远程管理整个系统

To train teachers for the pedagogical use of the wireless network in the classroom, with the combination of pedagogical resources already available and offering the opportunity to produce new resources in the classroom; 培训教师在课堂上教学使用无线网络,结合已有的教学资源,并提供在课堂上创造新资源的机会


Threats identified: 确定了威胁

1) Possible SME dependence on the UFF in the development of a version of the controller software for each different version of hardware that is acquired; 在为所获得的每个不同版本的硬件开发软件控制器版本时可能的SME依赖于UFF

2) Restrictions imposed on manufacturers of access points by the US FCC regarding the use of software such as OpenWRT, which limits the offer of compatible equipment in the market; 美国联邦通信委员会对接入点制造商的限制涉及使用OpenWRT等软件限制了市场上兼容设备的可用性

3) Need to prepare the Access Points before use, which makes the task of Netcenter difficult when it comes to replacing the equipment; 在使用前需要准备接入点这使得Netcenter的任务在更换设备时变得困难

4) Municipal Law 4734/08 that prohibits the use of cellular network devices in the classroom; 4)禁止在教室中使用蜂窝网络设备的第4734/08号市政法

5) Project conflicts with the design style currently used by the Municipal Information Technology Company Iplanrio, which favors the use of high quality and high cost equipment; 项目与市信息技术公司Iplanrio目前使用的设计风格相冲突,有利于使用高质量和高成本的设备


Opportunities: 机会

1) Importation of equipment from manufacturers that already ship the UFF controller software automatically, without the need for post-preparation; 从已经自动发运UFF控制器软件的制造商处进口设备无需进行后期准备

2) Composition of spare stock dimensioned for the network that allows the immediate replacement of equipment; 网络备件的组成,允许立即更换设备

3) Conduct a research project that provides relevant information about the state of the municipal network and possible directions to enhance its educational goals. 开展研究项目,提供有关市政网络状况的相关信息以及提高其教育目标的可能方向

Provision of wireless connectivity in conjunction with standardized authentication systems will allow integration of all teaching units in the municipality and participating universities (Community of Federated Academia - CAFE / education roaming - Eduroam); 与标准化认证系统一起提供无线连接将允许整合市政和参与大学的所有教学单元(CAFE /教育漫游 - Eduroam


1) Pilot project at the Municipal School Francisco Cabrita with all the main elements of the project for evaluation and validation. 市政学校Francisco Cabrita的试点项目该项目包括评估和验证项目的所有主要内容

2) Extension of the project for the schools contemplated with the connection to Redecomep, approximately 200 units - approximately U$ 4,000 per school, for a total of U$ 800,000; 扩建与Redecomep连接的学校项目200个单元 - 每所学校约4,000美元总计800,000美元

3) Extension to approximately 1,343 subsequent units, at a cost of approximately U$ 5,372,000; 3)扩展至约1,343个后续单位,费用约为5,372,000美元

Total: U$ 6,172,000总计:6,172,000美元

项目联系人:ena,邮箱  电话:86-10-56234973