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1. This website and its legal owner

Website name: eShow Global (hereinafter referred to as "this website").

Website: www.eshowglobal.com

    The founder and legal owner of this website is China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing Sub-council.

    By accessing, registering, and using this website, you agree to the terms and conditions contained in this agreement and the notices posted on the website, and comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the Internet.

 2.  The information rights and responsibilities of this website

The information on exhibitors (including corporate members, city members, professional members, hereinafter referred to as members) and their products on this website are provided by the members themselves. By registering and using this website, you are solely responsible for the truthfulness, completeness, accuracy and legality of any information you post on this website. This website is not responsible for your product information.

All information published by members of this website shall be free of confidential information and may be downloaded, reproduced and transmitted.

This website does not assume any responsibility for any commercial activities and risks that reproduce, use or provide information on this website.

The information and content provided on this website may not be used for any unlawful purposes, nor  may the information provided on this website be used in any manner that does not comply with national laws and regulations and the terms of the website.

If the information published by members of this website violates the law or may infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of others, this website is obliged to provide relevant information of the member, including the member name and contact information, according to the requirements of the administrative department or the judicial authority.

    Any organization or individual who believes that the relevant content of this website infringes or may be suspected of infringing on your legal rights and interests, should promptly send a written notice of rights to the website (email: ena@eshowglobal.com) and provide proof of identity (such as identification card, passport or legal person business license, etc.) and contact information (such as telephone, email, etc.), specific URL link (URL) involved, or relevant information sufficient to accurately locate the infringing content, ownership certificate (ownership or intellectual property certificate, etc.) and the reasons for requesting the deletion of relevant information, etc., after receiving the above documents and confirming the correctness, the website will remove the relevant alleged infringing information as soon as possible by deleting, blocking or disconnecting the link. If the information you provide does not meet the above requirements, it may affect our handling of the incident.


3. Intellectual property rights

All technical, computer programs, data, and website logos on this website are the intellectual property rights of the rights owner of this website.

We have reason to believe that the trademarks, logos, graphics, videos, audio information, other related graphics, services, logos, content and other intellectual property rights uploaded by members of this website belong to the members or permission was obtained from the rightful owner.

    The logos, trademarks and product names uploaded to this site by all members of this website are allowed to be displayed by the website, shared, downloaded, transmitted and reproduced by others, but may not be used for illegal purposes.

4. Statement of information release

Members shall not contain(include) any false or misleading content when publishing their company information or product information. They shall not deceive or mislead users, and shall not exaggerate publicity. Members shall be solely responsible for the contents of their publication, any false publication, deceptiveness, illegality, sensitive, infringing, offensive, insulting and other information shall be the responsibility of the member. The owner of this website shall not bear the responsibility for guarantee and tort liability. Once the manager of this website finds such information or receive a report, they will immediately delete this type of information and email the member who posted the information or cancel the membership.

Members should update their product information in a timely manner on this website to keep it matching the actual product.

    Members engaged in information release and other activities, should abide by laws and regulations, honesty and fairness, and fair competition. The publication of information to deceive or mislead others with false or misleading content constitutes the publication of false information. The published information under one of the following situations are considered as false information:

    - product or service does not exist; (Non-existing product or service)

    - information on product performance, function, origin, use, quality, specifications, composition, price, producer, expiration date, honors / awards and other, or service content, provider, form, quality, sales status, honors / awards, etc., as well as information related to the promise of goods or services, is inconsistent with the actual situation and has a substantial impact on the exhibitor or other users;

    - using fictitious, forged or unverifiable scientific research results, statistical data, survey results, abstracts, quotations and other information as proof materials;

    - fictional use of product information and its use;

    - other situations where false or misleading content where used to deceive or mislead others

5. Product information

    We strive to make the information provided by exhibitors as accurate as possible. However, we do not guarantee that the product information on this website or other content of the services on this website is accurate, complete, reliable, up-to-date or correct. Our website does not support online trading of products, but if you find that the actual products of the exhibitors are inconsistent with the descriptions of the products provided on this website during the online and exhibitor transactions, your only way is to contact and resolve the issues with the exhibitor and w encouraged you to inform us about the situation.

6. Disclaimer

This website hereby declares that there is no direct, indirect, statutory or agreed guarantee for any other sites or content linked to this website.

    All information, content, materials, goods (including software) and other services provided on this website are provided on an "as is" and "existing" basis. Except as otherwise expressly provided in writing, we make no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, of the exhibitor's products, services, information, content, materials, products (including software) or services.

    By using the Website, the user agrees to assume all risks of browsing the Website and the website shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, related or financial loss caused by the user's access to the Website.

After the website removes, blocks, or disconnects the member's uploaded information based on the third-party notification, if the member believes that the above measures infringe its legal rights, the member shall claim to the third party and the website may provide third parties related Information.

    All information, content, materials, goods (including software) and services provided by this website are for your reference only, without any guarantee or promise. You are required to fully communicate with the exhibitors of the product and in the premise of mutual trust to purchase and use the product. The website owner does not assume any responsibility for any direct or indirect damages caused by any quality problems (unless the responsibility under the law of the People’s Republic of China).

The website will fulfill its responsibility for security maintenance and it will not be responsible for the (affected) use of this website due to uncontrollable network failures, malicious attacks by hackers, computer viruses, etc.

7. Applicable law and jurisdiction

    Any dispute concerning this website and the website statement shall be governed by a jurisdiction court and shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. The owner of this website reserves the right to change the website and the above terms at any time.

8. Dispute resolution

Any dispute arising from the use of the information on this website may be resolved through negotiation; if the negotiation fails, it may be resolved through judicial channels.

The owner of this website reserves the right to modify this website and the terms of this legal notice at any time.


      网站名称:eshow global(以下简称“本网站”) ,网址:www.eshowglobal.com








      任何单位或个人认为本网站的相关内容侵害或可能涉嫌侵害您的合法权益,您应及时向本网站发送邮件(邮箱:ena@eshowglobal.com)提出书面权利通知, 并提供身份证明(如居民身份证、护照或法人营业执照等)和联系方式(如电话、邮箱等)、要求采取必要措施的具体网址链接(URL)或者足以准确定位侵权内容的相关信息、权属证明(所有权或知识产权证明等)及要求删除相关信息的理由等,本网站在收到上述文件并确认无误后,将会尽快采取删除、屏蔽、断开链接等方式移除相关涉嫌侵权信息。如果您提供的信息不符合上述要求,可能会影响到我们对该事件的处理。













      本网站提供给您的全部信息、内容、材料、商品(包括软件)和其他服务,是在"现状"和 "现存"的基础上提供的。除非另有明确的书面说明,我们不对参展商的产品及服务的信息、内容、材料、商品(包括软件)或服务作任何形式的明示或默示的声明或担保。