About Eshow

 Your company and products will be discovered by a bigger markets on eShow  

eShow is an online exhibition and marketing platform created by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Beijing Sub-council. 

It explores a new way of exhibition and marketing via the Internet.

It will become a new commercial activity that complements and extends traditional exhibitions.

It will help small and medium-sized enterprises with trans-regional and cross-border exhibition and marketing at a low cost or at no cost at all.

It is operated by a professional Chinese company, which will help the overseas enterprises with their first step towards a bigger Chinese market.

What eShow is for

eShow, an open online platform for cooperation, endeavors to help enterprises with exhibition and marketing so as to promote the rational flow of production factors and deep integration of markets as well as to build a broad community of shared interests with enterprises from various countries.

eShow offers solutions to the problems facing the small and medium sized enterprises when they go global, such as the high cost of participation in exhibitions, short exhibition periods, the lack of marketing channels and high cost of marketing. eShow helps small and medium sized enterprises with cross-border business and expansion into international markets.

How eShow works

1. A company becomes an exhibitor upon registration.

2. An exhibitor markets its products by sharing the pictures, descriptions and key words of the products and communicating with professional viewers.

3. eShow’s operation team helps exhibitors with their marketing efforts by directional notification, sticky posts, special exhibitions, etc.

4. eShow’s operation team also offers offline marketing services for exhibitors.

Why eShow is different

1. Unlimited number of exhibits  

2. Unlimited exhibition periods                                                                            

3. Global coverage of virtual exhibition halls

4. Audience from across the world

5. Internet+” marketing strategies

6. Worldwide marketing channels

7. Large amount of marketing information

8. Zero cost for common users and low cost for advanced users

9. Uninterrupted service offered by eShow operation team







1. 企业在eshow上注册后,立刻成为eshow的参展商。

2. 展商通过在eshow上发布产品图片、文字说明、关键字、在社交媒体上分享相关产品、与专业观众交流等方式进行自主营销。

3. eshow运营团队通过定向推送、页面置顶、生成eshow专题展等方式帮助展商进行营销。

4. eshow运营团队为展商提供各类线下服务,帮助展商营销。


  1. 展品数量不受限制。

  2. 展览期不受限制。  

  3. 展览的虚拟地点遍及全球。 

  4. 观众来自世界各地,人数无限。

  5. 营销手段为互联网+营销手段。

  6. 营销渠道覆盖全球。

  7. 营销信息量无限。

  8. 营销成本为零(普通用户)或很低(VIP用户)

  9. eshow运营团队提供全年365天不间断服务。  



English names:eShow Global