Dear Eshow exhibitors,

Eshow will start its trial operation from July  30th, 2018.

In return for your supporting Eshow, we are offering those who have registered earlier the following rewards to express our thanks:

1. Any exhibitor who registered between today and September 31st, 2018, Will enjoy permanent free membership

2.Any exhibitor whose registration is between today and September 30st, 2018, will enjoy a limited number of advertising spaces on (valid from the day of registration to September 30th, 2018). Content of the ads submitted by enterprises will be posted online after being reviewed by the administrator of Eshow, in condition that the images are well designed, and that the authenticity and legality of the ads are ensured. The exact spaces of the ads will be determined by the administrator.


Your suggestions on our website are highly appreciated.



       eShow 2018年7月1日起投入试运营。