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With more than 1 year of experience, we are one of the best and well-known tour companies in Uganda. Started in 21st May 2018 fully registered Tour Company in Uganda (2018). We are also partner to hotels, lodges, accommodations located in the tourism destinations and most beautiful places with great view, fantastic food types, decent and comfortable places to be in. We are a Ugandan company, run by two individuals Ugandans. Our range of services explore the forgotten treasures of Africa, particularly in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Kenya and now Tanzania and among other countries. Our services have involved arrangement of safaris, provision of vehicle support services. In East African areas live the mountain gorilla, the chimpanzee, some of the great game of Africa and thousands of amazing birds. We are proud to have the opportunity to liberty the Ugandan tourism to allover the entire world and we aim at meeting client’s satisfaction and expectations. We aim at reviving the opportunities to our tourists/clients a chance to engage and participate in Eco-tourism conservation campaigns to save and preserve natural environment and its resources, community-based tourism, volunteer tourism, and cultural tourism. We aim at offering affordable, unforgettable tours and excursions around Uganda and East Africa at large. We aim at providing all our tours at available budget and luxury budget/ versions. We provide opportunities for small travel groups. We also organize and offer individual, tailor-made tours around the country. We are most humbled and honored by visit to the “pearl of Africa” (Uganda).
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