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In the ancient and middle ages, Greek dorylaion, Latin dorylaeum, Arabic sources darauliya, adruliya dorylaion in the past is the province of Eskisehir. the city dates as the city of frigya and the city’s founder eretrialı doryleos’dir.

This city, which had a great value and importance in the early years of the Ottoman Empire, was named ön Sultanönü Osmanlı. The city, which lost its value, received the abandoned appearance and missed the old resplendent days and started to say aşa Eskişehir Bil to this city. The real name ü Sultanönü “has been forgotten. According to the historical kuvvetli Dorylaion ”ruins built in the time of the Phrygians, the city is called bak Eskişehir“.

The city is a city known as the Greek Dorylaion, the Latin Dorylaeum in the Old and Middle Ages. Near Dorylaion – Sharhöyük, which was ruined and abandoned, a new settlement was formed in the area to the south of the ruins. The ruins of Dorylaion were probably called Eskişehir, according to W.M Ramsay, and this name has survived to this day.

The name of the company was named as FIDELITY ( Ahde Vefa ) because it is Eskisehir Province.
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