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AVANT TOUR travel agency offers routes to Hissar and Zeravshan ranges, Fann Mountains and the Pamir mountains.

- Tourists will have a pleasant opportunity to visit the medieval ciies: Dushanbe, Khujand, Istaravshan, Penjikent, Hissar, Kulyab, Khorog and Vahang canyon, where there was a Great Silk Road.

- Plenty of sun and water, clean mountain air and the cool, rich flora and fauna attracts of many nature fans to Hissar and Zeravshan ridges, Fann Mountains and the Pamir Mountains.

- Edge of spectacular snow-white mountains and blossoming valleys, is very popular among tourists and climbers.

- Hissar and Zeravshan mountains - it is ice and snow on the tops, not melting in the hot Asian sun, dips deep valleys, mountain juniper forests, amazing blue lakes, wild rivers and caves.

- The mountains are rich snow leopards, bears, argali, wild boars, wolves, marmots, hares, eagles, rock partridges, snowcocks and others.

- In the gorges preserved unique birch and poplar groves and hillsides dotted with Eremurus. In early spring and autumn there are many migratory birds.

- Most passes are raised to a height of 3000-4500 m. above sea level. Many peaks soar to a height of more than 5000 m.

- The Fann Mountains are most unique in this case. They provide a water jumper between Zeravshan and Hissar ridges. Rivers that has its origins here cut through the mountains of the deepest gorges, where between mountains are short, but the high ridges. In the central part of the Fann Mountains soar high tops - Chimtarga, Energy, Mary, Mirali, Chapdara, Bodkhona, Hansa, Castle and several other peaks, their height is greater than 5000 m., they are the jewel of Central Asia.

- The most attractive routes leading to the Pamirs will remain in the memory of tourists. This region has considerable appeal because of its remoteness from settlements and isolation from the rest of the world. There are three seventhousanders: Somoni Peak - 7495 m., (Communism Peak), Lenin Peak - 7134 m., Korjenevskaya Peak - 7105 m., and large glaciers: Fedchenko - 71 km, Voltaire, Moskvin, Garmo and others - they are particular danger for inexperienced travelers. Trips to Pamir require a lot of skill and experience, accompanied by a mountain guide.

- AVANT TOUR travel agency provides the safety on the route and a lot of positive emotions for the tourists.
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