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HBL Power Systems Limited

HBL Power Systems Limited

India    City:Telangana

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Unexpected breakdowns in the electricity supply produce very high economic losses. Monitoring and signaling of earth faults is essential in these situations. HBL’s ELM in DC power systems enables quick detection of earth faults to prompt for corrective action. It works on the principle of residual or differential magnetising current induced in a current transformer. ELM is used in DC power systems like battery chargers, AC-DC converter systems, DC-DC converter systems and DCDBs. It provides the customer an ability to install immunized earth leakage protection systems in their installations.
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The first products selected and successfully developed were Aircraft batteries - eventually leading to HBL offering the worlds widest range of specialized batteries.

Our expertise in batteries generated opportunities and ideas to diversify. The company moved into new businesses and markets that utilise our batteries, such as industrial electronics, defense electronics, and railway electronic signaling.

Recent diversification, leveraging the companies engineering strengths, has led to new businesses in precision manufacturing, spun reinforced concrete and 'green' technology products.

Our success has been built serving some of the world's most demanding customers and applications. We would value your opportunity to serve your business.

China      2019-01-07