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在中国市场持续的商业运营使我们能够获得管理经验,并与各种各样的商品部门的生产源建立直接持久的联系,并开展与一手生产资源保持关系的 新活动。确定绝对真实的来源,确保为客户提供真正的“采购处”的典型服务,即:选择和识别最适合客户的供应商,实现原创设计,进口必需的证书 (如CE证书),质量控制、支付管理和物流。在实践中,为终端客户甚至小额客户提供交钥匙服务。
随着中国经济的增长和世界市场的变化,China 2000有限公司进口的多部门性逐步形成。China 2000有限公司专注于识别并有时在中国形成一个能够 管理与生产者直接关系的能干的专业人士,并能够与西方同行建立联系。

China 2000有限公司的进口服务优势如下:
- 直接位于中国最棒的源头生产区域
- 直接管理与制造商的关系
- 原创设计或来图定制相关的服务
- 从中国生产商到最终客户的订单,付款和物流管理
- 根据欧洲法规或目的地国家/地区的提供所需的产品认证
- 运营速度,缩短周期,节省时间。
- 信息的透明度,公平公正。

由China 2000有限公司提供的特殊服务是该公司通过中国专家网络保证的质量控制服务,遵循正确的订单执行和保护在中国的外国运营商的采购。

The constant commercial presence in the Chinese market has allowed us to gain experience in the management and establish direct lasting relationships with the production sources of the most varied merchandise sectors, as well as to develop new activities maintaining relationships with direct production sources of absolute seriousness, ensuring for their customers the typical services of a real "Purchasing Office", namely: selection and identification of the most suitable suppliers to the customer, realization of the prototype, certifications necessary for import (eg CE certificate), quality control, payment management and of logistics. In practice, a turnkey service for the end customer even for small quantities.

The multi-sectorality of China 2000 Srl's import has evolved along with the growth of the Chinese economy and the changes in the world market. For each commodity sector China 2000 Srl focuses on identifying and sometimes forming a competent professional figure in China able to manage direct relations with producers and be able to interface with the western counterpart.

The strengths of the import service of China 2000 Srl are:
- the direct presence in the most interesting production areas of the Chinese territory
- the direct management of the relationship with the manufacturer
- the services related to the realization of the design prototype or photo
- the management of orders, payments and logistics from the Chinese producer to the final customer
- the certification of products according to the European regulations or the countries of destination
- the speed of operations
- the transparency of information

A special service made provided by China 2000 Srl is the quality control service that the company is able to guarantee through the network of experts in China following the correct execution of orders and protect the purchases of foreign operators in China.


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