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Silk Avenue Ltd.

Silk Avenue Ltd.

Pakistan    City:Karachi

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Navy Cross Body Shoulder Bag
Product Details


We use a variety of faux leather materials for each bag. Faux leather is more durable than the original leather, it’s color does not fade over time like

real leather, and the bags remain better in shape.



During the procurement, extreme care and attention is given to all the details. We use premium metal work, shoulder straps are checked for

heavy weigh limits, zippers are tested to guarantee long life, and stitching is done by the latest leather stitch machines.



All items are carefully packed so that they reach you in excellent condition. Each item, 3-4 different kinds of packaging layers are used to cover

and protect all parts of the handbag. When the items reach you, depending upon the material, some bags may be a little out of shape due to

shipping & handling. However, all bags come to their shape within 24 hours of use. Below are 2 examples of how Silk Avenue products are packed.

China      2018-12-11