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Mufaddal for Food Industries

Mufaddal for Food Industries

Egypt    City:Cairo

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Berseem Egypt
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Berseem (clover seeds) or alpha trifolium alexandrinum is a fast growing, high quality forage that is mainly cut and used as green chopped feed. It may be cut several times a season and produces heavy yields under favorable conditions.

When cut at a height of about 40 centimeters it gives the highest yield of protein with a relatively low yield of fibre. It is valued for its rapid growth in the cooler winter seasons in the subtropics and for its good recovery after cutting.

Berseem has a very good feed value, however, unlike other seeds, it has never been reported to cause bloating in animals. Moreover, berseem can be sown in early autumn and can thus provide feed before and during the colder months. It is very productive when temperatures rise after winter. Up to six cuttings can be taken from the miskawi variety under irrigation; whilst one or two cuttings can be taken from the fahl variety on dry land.

We procure the very best quality of raw material, that guarantees a germination rate of 90%, which we clean using gravity tables and dodder machines and then market in India and Pakistan under Star, Habba Habba and Sooraj brands.