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South Agrobusiness Intl. LLC

South Agrobusiness Intl. LLC

Brazil    City:Santa Catarina

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South Agrobusiness International is an export trading company that offers services in the international trade area of Grains, with quality and safety in its products and services. Its objective is to offer intelligent solutions in the international area in a practical and profitable way, in the international market.

One premise is to seek the maximum security of contracts for the delivery of grains, soybean meal or corn in agro-industrial production lines. Based on a careful selection of suppliers and farms. At the other end, the rigor in collecting information on possible foreign buyers also serves to reduce the risk of contractual breaches. For South Agrobusiness, there are no frontiers for doing business regardless of commodities and destination.


"Intelligent solutions in a practical and profitable way in the national and international market."

Counting on a team of experienced and qualified professionals, South Agrobusiness International seeks for its clients satisfaction through specialized services. With commitment and full dedication, the company works with a modern and effective foreign trade operation system, linked to logistics, time and practice in the solutions and storage management, exportation and international deals/international business.