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PLC Plastic Injection Model PE100

Pishropouyesh electroic

Pishropouyesh electroic

Iran    City:Tehran

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PLC Plastic Injection Machine

This panel can be installed on Iranian devices, external, direct jack and arm jack.

This tablet has the ability to write software for a specific device and is now translated into three languages: Farsi, English and Spanish, and can be translated into other languages.

Capabilities :

- 32 entries

- 32 outputs 24V or 220V

- 7 temperature control lines

- 4 Ruler Inputs

- 4 productive outputs

- A display of 8, 10 or 12 inches in VGA format

The device is designed so that the user can easily work with it. Adjustment pages include a page as a quick setup, with all the parameters of a template included.