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DERMA HEAL Arnebia Eucroma Extract, Bees Wax, Sesame Seed Oil.
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Ingredients (main):
Arnebia Eucroma Extract, Bees Wax, Sesame Seed Oil.
Treatment for the diabetic wounds, ulcers and infected wounds on diabetic patients.
Pharmacological Effects:
Clinical result shows that the ointment reduces inflation and accelerates the natural process of healing and prevents diabetic wound infection.
Ointment Effects:
Effectual substances formulation in this ointment include Naphthoquinones compounds such as alkaline and phenolic compounds such as flavonoids, attained from extract anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory features. The existing antioxidants compound in the ointment causes to trap the free radicals, which play a very significant role in wound restoration and prevent diabetic wound infection. Existence of honey wax in this ingredient has doubled therapeutic effects on the diabetic wound healing as well.
√ Avoid contact with eyes.
√ Keep the ointment out of reach of the children.
√ Consult with your physician in case of any allergic reaction occurs.
√ Discharging secretions from the wound location during treatment process with the ointment is a sign of healing and is not a concern.
√ Controlling blood Glucose of the patient with regard to the physician prescription and recommendations is very important to shorten the wound healing time.
√ Always test ointment on small skin area before applying on the affected area for irritation/rash/allergy. Seek doctor advice should irritation/rash/allergy occur.
Prohibited Cases:
Simultaneous application on other topical compounds, Contortionists in particular and the existence of any known skin allergies.
Application during Pregnancy and Lactation Periods:
Ointment application during the pregnancy and lactation periods is permitted.
Side Effects:
All ointments may have unwanted side effects. Although all these side effects are not seen in every people, you must consult with physician or pharmacist in case of any allergies or irritations arise. Possible side effect of this ointment is exanthema (topical small rashes) on the body, which must be consulted with physician if observed.
Usage Dosage:
Initial cleaning of the wound location with normal saline serum is advised. Cover the wound with enough ointment. Open the dressing after 48 hours and repeat the above-mentioned processes. Continue this process once every 48 hours until the wound is completely healed.
 Suitable in room temperature.
 Keep away from direct sunlight and avoid freezing.
 Once open, store in cool and dry place.
 Best Kept in refrigerator.
Each Box contains a tube of 80 grams and an insert brochure.