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Microwave container with lid(separate lid)

Kimia Shimi Dorfak

Kimia Shimi Dorfak

Iran    City:Loushan

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In recent years, with two goals to help preserve the environment and reduce pollution of petroleum plastics, as well as solving health problems, extensive research has been carried out on the provision of packaged artifacts used in food, agricultural and even medical applications of carious polymer polymers.

In this regard, Kimia Chemia is pleased to announce the release of degradable plant polymers in the environment with degraded resources.

In general, Kimia Dorfak products are divided into two categories of thermoforming products and dishes prepared with an injection device, suitable for use in microwaves.

 Thermoforming products include:

Types of glasses / 200, 250 and 280 cc

Non-enclosed containers, 600/900 / C / Door / Door and Door Hinge / Single Hinged Door and Dinette


And containers made with an injection machine, suitable for use in the microwave, including 300, 350 and 1 liter dishes