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M/s. Shahab Textiles

M/s. Shahab Textiles

Pakistan    City:Karachi

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We Specialise in Flat Sheets, Fitted Sheets, Pillow Covers, Sheets & Pillow Sets, Duvet Covers etc. (White, Dyed, Printed – Woven and Knitted Inclusive). We cater both Home and Institutional Sectors. The Qualities include 100% Cotton and Cotton blended with Polyester. Different Weaving/Knitting structures can be applied in weaving/knitting to produce fabric as per customer requirements. 

Percale Sheets & Pillows T180 , T200, T220 etc

Flat and Fitted 

Sizes as per buyer’s requirements. 

Flat Sheet common standard sizes:

60 x 100 Inch

108 x 110 Inch

54 x 90 Inch

Pillow common standard Size: 

21 x 34 Inch