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Avocado oil

1) Natural Extra Virgin and refined Avocado Oil, extracted from the precious Mexican Hass Avocado.

The Avocado Oil does not contain cholesterol due to its vegetable origin. In addition to its delicate and unique flavor, it is high in Omega 3, 6 and 9.

Recent medical studies show that avocado oil:

• Reduces levels of LDL cholesterol (bad fats) and increases levels of HDL (goodfats).

• Reduces Triglyceride levels.
• Prevents and reduces cardiovasculardisease.
• It contents vitamins A, B, D and E.
• High levels of Beta-Sitosterol.

Origin zone: High Mountain range of Michoacan, Mexico.
Land: Sub-forest soil.
Production: Cold pressed with controlled temperature (Below 50°C).
Smoke point: Up to 270°C.
Appearance: Green emerald color with yellow shades.
Odor: Complex and elegant aroma with a subtle remainder of walnut and light notes of avocado.
Flavor: Soh and delicate with good balance of flavors, a very light spiced avocado flavor can be distinguished.Acidity: 1%


Glass bottles of 1L, 500ml and 250ml

Dorica bottle and marasca bottle

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