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Advantages of Realy IgG/IgM rapid detection

  1. Indicating  both recent infections and previous infections, reducing missed detection rates. This is obviously different from the kit (such as Wondfo) used to detect the total antibody.

  2. No requirements of instruments: suitable for primary hospitals and conventional outpatient clinics. No special training for technicians is required.

  3. Blood testing: Including whole blood,serum and plasma, especially whole blood test , without centrifugation,equipped with scientific fingertip blood sampler,easy to operate. And also, no special virus collection tube required.

  4. The sensitivity is over 95% and the accuracy is over 99%. At present, all the information and data show that the performance of the product is the best in China.

  5. The product was put into use at the beginning of the outbreak, and has been verified by a large number of data,especially the contribution of Leishenshan Hospital has been recognized  by the central government.

  6. We have obtained the use data of foreign customers and obtained their approval, such as Italy, Kazahkstan,etc, and specially sent us the test report and Thank You Letter.

  7. We have obtained 2 registration certificates in Brazil and many premium distributors around the world are helping Realy to register. This is mainly because we have sold nearly 20 million people in other countries in South America.

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Please contact John Zhang  at  86 18796763681 Wechat: j455254605  email:

                        Lauriss Liu   at  86 13910478533  Wechat: fei8831 

                        Winston Lu   at  86 13522282683 Wechat: 13522282683



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