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FM2系列通气面罩/ FM2 Series Full Face Mask


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FM2 Series Full Face Mask
Registration: NMPA, CE, FDA, Australia, Australia, Korea, Mexico, ANVISA etc.

It can be used with various types of non-invasive ventilation device (CPAP and BPAP), and in the scenario where the invasive ventilator uses in non-invasive ventilation mode.
Easy fitting& simple structure.
Multifunctional ports can meet a variety of clinical application.
It has excellent technical indexes and is good assistant for non-invasive ventilation.
Non-vented mask is suitable for the ventilator with dual-limb circuit (inspiratory limb and expiratory limb.
In addition, the use of bacterial filter on the breathing circuit can reduce the spread of viruses in the form of aerosol.

Dead space information: less than 218 mL
Therapy Pressure: 3 to 40 cmH2O
Resistance: Drop in Pressure measured (average for 3 sizes)
at 50 L/min: 0.15 cmH2O
at 100 L/min: 0.5 cmH2O