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BCS3 Bionic Cough Simulator can accurately simulate the physiological cough mechanism : it brings a negative pressure to the airway of patient during exsufflation, which produces a high speed expiratory flow similar to cough. Secretions from deep lung will be driven to move to main airway and oropharynx, hence be excreted from the body. This device can clear the airway and realize effectively the sputum drainage. The simulator is less irritative and painful, more efficient and safer compared to conventional suctioning.

- Working in parallel with invasive ventilator, no need to suspend mechanical ventilation.

- Double tube design, independent airway, avoid secondary infection.

- Compatible with mainstream invasive ventilator brands and common ventilation mode.

More convenient
Automatic mode for regular sputum discharge without manual operation.

More secure
Innovative algorithm to maintain PEEP effectively with real-time monitoring.

More reliable
Negative pressure up to 90 cmH₂O, which leads to a sufficient secretion drainage.