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The Shangrila 510S has been used throughout the global as an incredibly reliable emergency transport ventilator. However, the device is ideal for many other applications. Its applicability includes on-site emergency treatment, pre-hospital transport, inter-hospital transport, as well as intra-hospital transport. Whether the patient is an adult, child or infant, the Shangrila 510S serves as a reliable life-supporting mechanism.

There are 5 features on Shangrila 510S which I would like to share with you here:

 l  Complete Ventilation Modes

The device hosts six ventilation modes. Besides the conventional Volume-Controlled ventilation mode, it also has Pressure-Controlled ventilation mode, SIMV and CPAP modes. CPAP is a non-invasive ventilation mode. Thus, it allows for a mask to be used on patients. 

 l  Ideal O2 Delivery

With its advanced technology, the range of FiO2 can be set from 40% to 100%. Furthermore, this range can be adjusted continuously. These features distinguish 510S from other emergency ventilators in the market.

 l  Electronically Controlled PEEP

It is very convenient and intuitive to set an exact PEEP to that the clinician desires.

 l  Proximal Flow Sensor

A proximal flow sensor is used in Shangrila 510S. Besides the pressure trigger, this machine can provide flow trigger. The clinician can choose accordingly. 

 l  Power Supply Solution & Reliability Testing

The internal battery within the 510S has the capability of lasting up to 5 hours. Also, it can be used with both DC and AC Power. The 510S has passed many tests, such as both shock & vibration testing, as well as EMC testing. Furthermore, the waterproofing of this machine is 4X. With altitude compensation as a standard feature of the device, the versatility of the 510S is nearly limitless.

Certification & Award:CE

Driven Type:Electronically controlled, pneumatically driven

Screen:5"TFT,without touch screen


Power Supply: AC100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, ≤65VA

Gas Supply: O2, 0.25-0.6 Mpa

Ventilation Modes: A/C -V with sigh; A/C-P; SIMV-V; SIMV-P; SPONT/PSVCPAP; MANUAL

Tidal volume: 0-2000ml

Pinsp: 5-50cmH2O

Psupport: 0-50cmH2O

Frequency: 1-120bpm

I:E ratio: 4:1-1:10

Tinsp: NO

FiO2: 40%-100%

Esens: N/A

PEEP: 0-30cmH2O

CPAP(NIV): Yes,0-30cmH2O

Working time with battery:4.5hours 5.5hours(optional)

trigger type: Presure and flow

Paw: Yes,0 to 80 cmH2O

Waveform: P-T, F-T

Loops: N/A