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Rotomoulding Machine : Close Oven Rock ‘N’ Roll Machine

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Get an extensive range of rotomoulding machines at India Roto. Pick the right Bi-Axial machine, Close Oven Rock N Roll Machine and Open Flame Rock N Roll Machine. We have engineered the most user-friendly machines for your industrial purposes. Our machines are 100% sturdy and efficient for long term use.

Close Oven Rock ‘N’ Roll Machine:

  • Octagonal oven design for better performance.

  • Optimally design oven results in low gas consumption.

  • Double door oven prevents from accident.

  • Auto ignition burner system.

  • Oven rocking and door open/close with hydraulic system.

  • 5 Nu reduction gear box provided on back side in centre of oven for rolling.

  • 125 Liter Oil Tank provided for hydraulic power pack operation.

  • Just 3 Kg gas consumes per cycle.

  • Maximum 36000liter Production can be achieved in 10 working hours with very low fuel consumption.

  • Maintenance free machine.

  • On both doors of oven 3 windows provided for material feeding directly from outside of the oven.

  • User friendly and ease operational machine.

  • Optional PLC system for fully automatic.

  • Heavy screw fixes on front side in centre of the oven.