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Isfahan Province+ Tehran – 6 Days



Iran    City:Tehran

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Day 1 The City of Safavid Era

You can join our tour if you are already in Isfahan or if you can also arrive in Tehran before 8 am, We are going to head to Isfahan from IKA airport on this day. In this tour you will have a great chance to see the best of Isfahan, Kashan in 4 days.

We choose a traditional restaurant to have lunch. Then, we will visit Naghsh-e Jahan Square , which we can see magnificent architectures, colorful and large mosques of the Safavid era. Heading to this square bring us the opportunity to see Imam Mosque , Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque , Ali Qapu Palace . In front of the mosque is a beautiful forecourt which is connected to the bazaar. Since the bazaar has surrounded the square, we can visit it as well. We will have 2 hours for shopping in Naghsh-e- Jahan Square. After Shopping we are going to rest about an hour and a half in Hamdam-o-Saltaneh Traditional House Café. Then, we will visit Siosepol Bridge and Khajoo Bridge after taking photo and walk beside Zayandeh Rood River we will have dinner at Shahrzad Restaurant or one of the best restaurant in Isfahan. At the end of the night, we stay in our beautiful traditional hotel.

In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:

Fatemi House in Naein 

Hasht Behesht Palace 

Jameh Mosque

Breakfast at:Dad Hotel

Lunch at:: Baghe Homayoun Restaurant or one of the best restaurant in Isfahan

Midday Catering:Hamdam-o-saltaneh Traditional House Cafe

Dinner at:Isfahani House or one of the best restaurants in Isfahan

Overnight at::Abbasi Hotel, the best hotel in Isfahan


Naghsh-e Jahan Square

Day 2 Shah Abbas

In the morning, we are going to start our tour with Chehel Sotoon Palace . After that, we will visit Vank Cathedral which belongs to Armenians. In Shah Abbas period, when Osmania Attacked Armenia, Shah Abbas let them move to Iran and live in Isfahan. You will be surprised at the Music Museum, after 5 minutes of walking. In this museum, you will visit all Iranian musical instruments. The special local guide in the museum will explain all the history and details of the instruments. Then, the owner of the museum and his group will invite you to a live performance. After the incredible tour in Music Museum, for having lunch, we will go to Arka restaurant which, In the past, was an Armenian House and now, it converts to a restaurant and coffee shop or one of the best restaurant in Isfahan. Another surprise in Isfahan is Flower Garden. It is an unbelievable beautiful garden. You will find different types of flowers and trees. Great lake is in the middle of this garden. I am sure you will enjoy it a lot. For having dinner, we will go to Toranj Restaurant (Hovanes Restaurant) or one of the best restaurant in Isfahan.

In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:

Menar Jonban

Breakfast at:Abbasi Hotel

Lunch at:Arka restaurant

Midday Catering:Tea or coffee with traditional sweet of Isfahan (Gaz)

Dinner at:Toranj Restaurant

Overnight at::Abbasi Hotel, the best hotel in Isfahan


Chehel Sotun – Isfahan

Day 3 Soltan Ahmad

We continue our overland journey to Kashan . It takes almost 2 hours and a half. But en route, we will visit Abyaneh village. Abyaneh is one of the old villages that its history backs to Sassanid empire. In this village, people speak in an old Persian language named Pahlavi. They have special clothes and customs. You will visit special village which all the houses have made with red adobe and all the allies have covered by stone. We will continue to Kashan and when we reach there, we will go to the restaurant for having lunch at Melal Restaurant or one of the best restaurants in Kashan. Then, we will visit Fin Garden (Bagh-e Fin) and Hamam-e Fin rosewater tools before any other place. Broujerdi’s House is one of the great houses in Kashan which has a love story with amazing windcatcher and stucco design. Near Boroujerdi’s house is sultan-amir-ahmad-bathhouse with beautiful design. Bath in the past was not just for showering. In the Bath they had met, praying and haircut.

In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:

some of the old Houses (such as Abbasi’s )

Sharbatkhane Amin-o-Doleh

Kashan Baazar

Agha Bozorg Mosque

Breakfast at:Abbasi Hotel

Lunch at: Melal Restaurant

Midday Catering:Special distillates made from mint, rose, and etc

Dinner at:Manoochehri Hotel

Overnight at:Morshedi Hotel, one of the best hotels in Kashan


Fin Garden – Kashan

Day 4 An Experience to Remember

We are going to have breakfast and start visiting a carpet workshop. We are going to inform you about the process of carpet-weaving, you may see the weavers from a closer look, and you can try weaving for yourself.

In the case of facing an unexpected problem in the carpet workshop, we will plan to visit Noushabad, the underground city that has been found recently, instead.

Later on the day, we drive back to Tehran . On the way, we stop at Mehr o Mah Tourist Complex to rest and have lunch.

Then it is time to have fun and attend an Iranian gathering before your departure. We are going to make Iranian natural tea on the fire and prepare our dinner together. We are going to experience gathering around a fire while singing Iranian songs. After puffing candles and having cake, at 09:00 pm take you to the Espinas Palace Hotel to rest and stay the night. Espinas Palace Hotel is one of the best five-star hotels in Iran.

Breakfast at:Morshedii Hotel

Lunch at: Mehr-o Mah Tourist Complex

Midday Catering:special sweets from Qom

Dinner at:homemade dinner in the garden

Overnight at:Espinas Palace Hotel,the best hotel in Tehran

Day 5 Green Palace

We are going to leave the hotel at 09:00 am so we need to have breakfast before leaving time (8-8:45 am).

Sa’dabad Palace is our first destination. Sa’ad Abad complex has different buildings and palaces inside, but two palaces are important to visit. The White palace and the green one. Visiting the whole complex would take almost 3-4 hours. Thus, we plan to visit these two palaces only, but if we got enough time we could manage to visit some of the rest places afterward.

After that, we drive to Tajrish to share the great experience of having fun in Darband area. with you. All restaurants in Darband are located in the footer of the mountain and have a nice view. We will have lunch there. The restaurant which we have chosen is Baghe Behesht, or in special cases one of the best restaurants in Darband. Then, we will return to Tajrish to visit Imamzadeh Saleh Shrine and Tajrish Bazaar.

In the afternoon, we drive to Taleghani Park for walking, enjoying nature and having coffee and cake. After resting in a coffee shop with a beautiful view, we will visit Tabiat Bridge and Abo Atash Park.

For having dinner, we have chosen Daf traditional restaurant* which plays live music during catering services (the music depends on the date of implementation). In the case of an unexpected problem, we choose an another-best restaurant in Tehran. We will drive to the Hotel afterward to rest and sleep overnight.

*All Musical Restaurants don’t have live music in Islamic funeral days.

In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:

Niavaran Park

Niavaran Palace 

Music Museum

Breakfast at: Espinas palace hotel

Lunch at: Baghe Behesht Restaurant

Midday Catering:Coffee with Cake

Dinner at:Daf Restaurant

Overnight at:strong> Espinas Palace Hotel, the best hotel in Tehran


Sa’d Abad Palace – Tehran

Day 6 The Heart of Traditional Business

We start our tour at 8:30 and we drive to Golestan Palace , which is a UNESCO world heritage site. It has different buildings to feel the Qajar era atmosphere. One of the buildings is called Shamsol Emare (Shams Mansion) which is Tehran’s Ali Qapu. Afterward, we will visit National Museum of Iran.Afterward, we will have lunch in the Ferdowsi hotel or one of the best restaurants in Tehran and then we will visit

Tehran Grand Bazaar. You can see the crowds looking for special things to buy with the best-offered price. Bargaining sounds, Termeh, copper plates are the most obvious features you can see in the first place. Afterward, we will rest in a coffee shop which all the menu is made out of organic fruits and vegetables. You can also taste homemade cakes with different types of beverages. To have a closer look at Iranian culture and the crowds cheering, coffee shops are one of the best places to spend time. We walk through Keshavarz Blv., Valiasr square, and Valiasr street a bit to see the life which is going on and different shops alongside. We head to a place for an Iranian night gathering to make and have dinner together. In the end, we transfer you to IKA airport for your departure. It would be great if your return flight be after 12:00 Am.

In the case of closure of a place, we can visit one of these places:

Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran

Reza Abbasi Museum 

Azadi Tower

Breakfast at:Espinas Palace hotel

Lunch at:Ferdowsi hotel

Midday Catering at:a nice Cafe

Dinner at: Tehrani House or one of the best restaurants in Tehran


Golestan Palace – Tehran