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J. N. International

J. N. International

India    City:Moradabad

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Product Details:
Model Number:JN-049901
Brand Name:J.N.International.

A SOLID BRASS CREMATION URN. Each of our UrnConcern cremation urns are handcrafted with care and attention to detail and design. Our solid brass urn guarantees the sturdiness and consistent aesthetic beauty of genuine brass 

E. This urn will always be in the right place and in the right time. Our craftspeople specifically created a design that will always be in date and in style. As this urn is passed down from one generation to the next, it will forever be a fitting receptacle for the remains of a loved one.

WE THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING WHEN DESIGNING THIS CREMATION URN. Felt bottoms will protect surfaces from scratching. The lid is easy to unscrew and yet closes securely. You do not need to polish or maintain this urn. Simply honor the remains stored inside.