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Cobapeat Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

Cobapeat Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

Sri Lanka    City:Ambalangoda

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coco peat mulch block from Sri Lanka
Product Details
-Feeds plants for up to 4 months
-Improve soil structure 
-Easy to re-wet
-Saves water
-Warm in winter and Cold in Summer

Coba Peat & Mulch Block is concentrated premium grade coir mulch containing Nitrophoska slow release fertilizer. Coir containing ideal mulch because it helps plants stay moist in hot water, while keeping the soil temperature higher in the cold months. It has high water holding capacity so that when it takes in water, it holds it around shrubs, plants and on garden bed longer. Since it contains slow release fertilizer, Coba Peat and Mulch will also release nutrients to your plants for up to 4 months

Applications of Coir Mulch

-Producers of growing media.
-As a potting mix.
-As a soil conditioner.
-Seedling nurseries / seed raising substrate.
-Golf constructors / sports field constructors.
-Lawns, nurseries & landscaping.