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Smart Brewing Heater

Materializing all the imaginable concepts of coffee recipes with Smart Brewing Heater!

Highly sensitive scale with timer, and heater that are as powerful as commercial everyday use syphon heaters.

Smart brewing heater Excelso is an integration platform allowing baristas can control almost all the elements that affect the taste of coffee.

Fingertip Control

All the options such as mode, timer, scale, heater power can be set with an Excelso touchscreen.

Custom User Mode

In Excelso, you can choose Standard mode or Professional mode.

On Standard mode, you can check present time, weight, and heater power.

On Pro mode, you can set, in detail, time and heater power by phase.

Recording & Reproducing recipies

If you want to reuse nicely brewed coffee recipe for the next time, Excelso can help reproducing the cup of coffee.

On Pro mode, anyone can reapply same recipe by phase, and can make the nicely brewed coffee.

Powerful Heater

Not only can Excelso do syphon- brewing with high output heater, it can also keep the warmth of its server to maintain temperature.


Always Connected

Smart Brewing Heater which control smartly!

Mobile app will allow you to make the best use of Excelso’s functions on smartphones/tablets freely.

You can control heater power, time, scale and can monitor brewing records. Let’s start using Smart Brewing Heater!

Wireless Control

Bluetooth connection between the app and the beam heater will allow you to control Excelso’s all the functions wirelessly.

Measuring and Recording

Excelso will allow you to measure weight (pouring water) that changes with time and create Brewing print.

It will also measure real time temperature.*

* This new function will be applied later

Training & Communication

What would you do if you want to give your recipe tips to other baristas?

With Excelso’s Brewing print of your brewing pattern records, you can easily share the recipes.

Saving and Sharing Data

Brewing recipe Data can be shared with other devices and with other accounts. It makes your business more franchisefriendly and helps franchise companies