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In-house developed special coated filter makes the ground-breaking improvement upon existing hard-to-breathe through nonwoven mask.
Composite filter that can simultaneously filter fine dust and exhaust gas.
Polyurethane foam feels soft and smears less of your make-up.


Porous soft polyurethane foam material has excellent breathability and compression rate.
The functional composite filter blocks simultaneously find dust, SOx and NOx of car exhaust.
The 3D surface treatment technology is applied inside the micro-unit foam.


It is made of melamine foam of 3D reticular structure. Due to excellent hygroscopicity, it is also suitable for aeroponics.

It boasts an outstanding light weight. (10 kg/㎥)

Excellent self-extinguishing property. With a very high nitrogen content, it features a great thermal stability and flame retardant property. (<150 ℃ )

High wear resistance. It can be reused for a long time without deformation.

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