Real size light weight raptor simulation animatronic dinosaur costume eShow Global
Real size light weight raptor simulation animatronic dinosaur costume


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Quick Details:

  • Place of Origin:Sichuan, China

  • Brand Name:Abel Dinosoar

  • Model Number:AD4456

  • Type:Dinosoar Custome

  • Certificates:CE,ISO9001

  • Usage:Outdoor or indoor parks, museum,moive center,;etc

  • Color:As picture or customized

  • Size:Customized

  • Warranty:12Mouths

  • Movement:Made or customized

  • Feature:Water-proof, sun-proof, non-poisonous

  • Material:Silicone Rubber,Mental Frame,Foam

  • Delivery:In 30 days after received of the prmier payment

    SoundThere are five different roaring and breathing sounds, which can be changed according to different performance.
    ApperanceHigh realistic and vivid looking
    Size4m to 5m in length, the height of costume can be customized from 1.7m to 2.2m according to the performer’s height
    Additional functionsWater spray and Smoke spray.
    Net weight19-22kg.

    Gross weight(including the flight box):
    about 110kg
    TypeHiding legs or not hiding.


Main Materials:

  • Silicone 

  • Pigment

  • Stainless steel

  • High density foam

  • Diluent


Drawing → Frame welding → Motor wiring & Sensor installing → Antirust processing & Electrical appliance adjusting →Backing laying(sponge) & Shape sculpture → Texture carving & Skin making → Color painting & Finished products.

1. Mechanical Frame: Stainless steel and brushless motors have been used to make dinosaurs for many years. Each dinosaur’s mechanical frame will be continuously and operationally tested for a minimum of 24 hours before the modelling process begins.


2. Modelling: High density foam ensures the model looks and feels of the highest quality.


3. Carving: Professional carving masters have more than 10 years of experience. They create the perfect dinosaur body proportions absolutely based on dinosaur skeletons and scientific data. Show your visitors what the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods really looked like!


4. Painting: Painting master can paint dinosaurs according to customer's requirement. Please provide any design.


5. Final Testing: Each dinosaur will also be continuous operated testing one day before shipping.


1. PackingBy wooden crate, shipping case, or freight container 20ft/40ft. Dinosaur is wrapped by PP film with bubble bags as a buffer. Eyes and mouth are packaged accordingly to prevent scratches.

2. Shipping: Shenzhen, Chongqing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Guangzhou,etc. We can provide land, air, sea and international multimodal transport.  

Shipping Time: Long shipping time with relatively cheap cost by sea from any port in China(SHA,SZ,CQ). ; Short shipping time by air with relatively expensive cost from any international airport in China .

3. Clearance: Our long history makes us one of the first and most knowledgeable providers of dinosaur equipment and we have experience in exporting to: Canada, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Philippines, Australia, Russia, Thailand, the UAE, Poland, Spain, Germany, Croatia, among others.

4.Payment terms: T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P, Western Union/ Western Union/ Escrow,Cash,Credit Card

5.Delivery terms: EXW, FCA, FOB, FAS, CIF, CFR,DDU,DDP


Chengdu Abel Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "company"), which is located in Chengdu, 

Sichuan Province and the factory is located in the hometown of dinosaurs— Zigong City, Sichuan Province. 
We are an independent design and all-inclusive service company.The scope of work includes theme parks and 
landscape design, sales amusement equipment such as lantern festival, animatronic dinosaurs, animatronic 
animals and plants, fiberglass products,dinosaur fossil and skeleton replica, cartoon statue,dinosaur costume, 
battery controlled toy car ride and dinosaur ride,interactive equipment and other customized products. 
Since the establishment of the company,we devote our efforts to the integration of culture and technology products.
Spread The Animatronic Dinosaur & Lantern Festival to the word.


Why Choose Us?

1. We make use of critical quality controlStrict monitoring and testing of each step will be done during production, and every detail will be payed special attention to. We will keep clients updated about each production stage by pictures and videos, so that changes can be made if necessary.


2Mechanical Design:  We draw a mechanical design for every dinosaur, providing them with a sturdy frame. This also makes sure that the airflow and moving parts can operate without friction, massively improving the service life!

Dino Posture & Color Design:  We design dinosaur postures, detailed features and colors before production begins so that you know the results. This ensures you get exactly what you want. 

Graphic Design: If you provide us photos and plans, we will get back to you an entire dinosaur exhibition!


3. We care about China's reputationWe are a proud Chinese company that wants to promote excellence in Chinese products, and feel very responsible for delivering heavy quality products that do more than satisfy you!


Our Services

  • 24 hours online: The rate of our promptly reply is 100%, which is the highest one among of the peer. 
    24 hours on line service is provided to make sure anwering of your questions effectively and timely.

  • Listening clients requirements,giving suggestion and good guidance

  • Free technical support

  • Accounting Competitive price

  • Listing detailed accessories and show detail descriptio

  • Pro-active offering production process pictures

  • Effective communication

  • Update news timely

  • Check on a cheap courier on clients request

  • Enough spare parts

  • Arrange shipping on clients request

  • Preparing Customs clearance documents and send by DHL on clients request

  • After sale service

  • Warranty: 1year

  • Provide technical help by phone or email

  • Be available at phone and email, we will give the solution in 24 hours.

  • Quality investigation