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HMB Tanneries Pvt. Ltd

HMB Tanneries Pvt. Ltd

Pakistan    City:Muridke

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HMB Tanneries Pvt. Ltd processes its leather from premium grade raw hides which are sourced from a well knit network of suppliers.

Raw material acquisition is one of the most crucial aspects of leather manufacturing hence significant emphasis is placed on it. 

Our strict controls and checks enable us to screen out only the best material and once our team is satisfied, the raw hides are processed and stocked as Wet Blue.

From here on the wet blue undergoes various, meticulously devised processes which enables us to deliver our large range of articles. 

All aspects of an article are taken into consideration beforehand and addressed accordingly. 

Furthermore special emphasis is placed on the customer's requirement which enables us to produce our highly usable and superior product.