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1, a single straight needle, consisting of a single curved needle into the ring structure, stitch elastic, played tight structure, high speed and stable performance. 
2, the main transmission parts by needle bearings, ball bearing drive, running smooth and durable. 
3, sealing, no leakage. 
4, users may need further combined into a knife trimming sewing machine. 
5, the feed material part of the fabric according to the thickness of the seam, teeth can be replaced with coarse or fine teeth to ensure smooth feeding. 
6, no jumpers, no floating line, continuous line.
  最高缝纫速度 Maximum sewing speed 4200针/分 stitches / min
  针迹长度 Stitch length 3.5毫米 mm
  压脚提升高度 Presser foot lift height 5毫米 mm
  机头润滑方式 Head Lubrication 齿轮泵自动送油和吸油 Gear pump automatically send oil and oil
  缝纫最大厚度 Sewing maximum thickness 3.2毫米mm
  机头有效空间 Head effective space 125×80毫米mm
  机针 Needle 采用81×1型 Using 81 × 1 Type 1
  整机净重 Net.weight 13.2公斤kg
  电动功率 Electric Power 0.25千瓦 kilowatts