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Xiaogan Central China Precision Instrument Co., Ltd
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Xiaogan Central China Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. under the China Ordnance Equipment Group Corporation subsidiary Hubei Huazhong Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd. (state-owned factory 238), its predecessor, the Xiaogan Huazhong Photoelectric Instrument Co., Ltd., located in the enjoyment of the "reputation of the" Kyushuthoroughfare in Wuhan City 60 kilometers northwest of Dong - the hometown of Xiaogan City.

The company currently employs 69 people, including key management personnel, technical development staff of 15 people, 4 sales staff, production workers and 33 people;including 2 senior ministerial level, engineers, and 11 ministerial senior technician ministerial-level technicians, technician 4, 5 assistant technician; also hired anumber of prominent experts in the industry as a technical consultant and technical cooperation agreement reached with several famous universities, has a strong R & Dand production capacity.

Technical personnel of the company's Bingcheng Jun industrial enterprises, long-term commitment to the traditional optical detection equipment, development andproduction of professional optical testing equipment, optical encoder Chinese ordnance industry to develop fixed-point unit for the production of common opticalinstruments; it produces a series of general, special optical detection equipment for its full range, stable performance, reliable quality, easy to operate and iswidely used in optics, aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, military, medical and other fields as well as research institutes, universities and other research andteaching units. In recent years, according to market trends, independently developed a number of set of optical, mechanical, electrical, image processing in one of theintelligent testing equipment, such as continuous zoom, TV, TV observation system, automatic focal length measuring instrument, medical hard tube endoscope opticalsystem detector, etc., to meet the full needs of users, fully demonstrated the technical strength of the company in the industry.

Make full use of military laser technology advantage in high-power diode-pumped solid-state lasers and laser processing equipment series of R & D and production, hasbeen the formation of the semiconductor side of the pump and the End-pumped solid state laser product range and laser marking machine product line, but also with R & Dtechnical strength of the green and UV lasers; and has made considerable progress in the field of Car semiconductor laser radar to fill a number of the gaps.

The company through continued certification (ISO9001-2000), GJB9001A-2001 quality system and improve the service system can be tailored for every customersatisfaction, easy to use, durable optical inspection equipment and laser processing equipment.

The company will make full use of their technical superiority, seize the favorable opportunity of rapid development of photovoltaic industry, the focus on independentinnovation, extensive cooperation, with first-class products, excellent service, has won the trust of all walks of life, to create first-class domestic unique strengthphotoelectric enterprises.
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