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It was established in November 1984, in the city of Yazd, on a land area of one million square meters and with two hundred thousand square meters Infrastructure, with the aim of producing various communication cables, communication development and massive expansion of telecom network, covered by the Ministry of post, telegraph and telephone and along with telecommunication cable manufacturing technology in the world.

Simultaneously with the hall opening of the optical telecommunication cables in 1988. the factory was used and the subsequent production of copper telecom cables began to increase production with three stages.

Since the continuous improvement of quality and service, is the certain belief of the directors and employees of this company, observe the principle of quality production and obtaining international standards such as ISO 9004, ISO 9001, ISO 17025 and OHSAS18001, for successful and reliable presence in the competition export areas, success and honor for national and provincial state as the sole exporter of wire and cable industry and in power electronics has been granted to this activist for consecutive years that more than before and with great care and effort produce quality products and services needed to customers be their main goals of thinking. Aligned with the technical power of research and Innovation department, allows advanced and extensive scientific research for updating production to prepare with keeping pace with technology and diversity of clients in addition to telecommunications across the country and also design and production of hybrid and special types of cables for oil, gas, petrochemical, Tavanir, railway, subway, traffic control, urban trains and other customers are doing well.

Relying on the expertise and experienced specialists of this complex in (2009), began implementation of technical and engineering services in telecommunication networks inside and outside the country and led to obtain export contracts for technical and engineering services in telecommunications in neighboring countries, especially in Afghanistan.

In order to achieve product diversification and increased market share, in addition to produce various kinds of telecommunication, particular and combination cables, were provided producing a variety of power cables in (2010) and began to manufacture types of low power cables and the next program was production of medium and high voltage cables in the future
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