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Bilje Borca
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                                  Bilje Borca is family owned company, established in 1993.  We are ISO22000:2005 and FSSC22000 certified by TÜV SÜD. Our main business are medicinal herbs and herbal based product. We are producing raw materials,  semi-finished and finished products.  
- Raw material main articles:





Wild apple

St. John's wort




and much, much more

Our main business are production and processing of herbal raw materials. We are dealing with more than 80 different items from Balkan region, cultivated and wild collected. All goods are kept in whole condition and processed by customer demand, that way we keep natural characteristics of goods and keep possibility to answer to every customer demand. Beside 25 years of experience, we have an excellent processing equipment, Alpina mill, Winicker cutters, whole Europrima processing line...

Semi and finished products

We are proud of our production plant and its modern facilities where over 5 000 000 units are produced per year, in addition to thousands of kilograms of processed herbs, and thousands of litres of tinctures, extracts and oils. Our production is lead and managed by professionals from pharmacy, biology and food technology.

Private labelling

In our offer we have high quality raw materials and different types of packaging - from loose packaging to encapsulation.

Depending on the client's requirements, we perform complete or only individual operations along the way, from the very idea and creation of the recipe to the production and packaging of the finished product.

In the field of service production we offer:

Formulation and packaging loose teas

Packaging of tea bag teas

Preparation and packaging of liquid forms, herbal drops, syrups, elixirs, oils

Encapsulation of powdery substances


We provide support for product declarations, as well as advice on legal regulations in Serbia, assistance in preparing the documentation for obtaining expert opinion and categorisation of the Faculty of Pharmacy in the University of Belgrade, examining health safety in accredited laboratories and submitting a request for enrolment in the database Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia.                                  

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