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                                  FCCC is one of the oldest and yet most up to dated telecommunication equipment manufacturers and suppliers in Iran. FCCC was established in Shiraz (in Fars Province in Iran) in 1995 with the total capital of 6000 USD.
During these years customer orientation and coordinating with the customers’ needs was of the main priorities of FCC Company.
One of the main policies of FCC Company was the Positive and constructive Competition with a special focus on the production with other active companies of this domain .The company takes the advantage of all the potential facilities and capabilities to enable the Semi-closed workshops in its neighborhood to be activated again and make a friendly atmosphere among the related companies of the Area. The Company tries to make a suitable place in order to help Graduated people to upgrade their knowledge and capabilities.
Currently, the company has a head office in Tehran, an office in Shiraz and the workshop located in Shiraz Big Industrial Park. The number of employees of the company is about 69 which mostly (about 71 \%) have got a BA and MA degrees in different educational fields.
FCCC family is proud to take an effective step in order to promote our telecom industry by providing high quality products.                                  

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