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We are an international business firm, managed by experienced professionals in  assisting companies to create strategies for market entry, market development and logistics. We develop strategies to make business in possible in China, Mexico and the USA.

We help companies in their trading and international logistics operations, carrying out market research, identifying new clients, conducting factory audits, product inspections, and sourcing, taking care in their export and import requirements and procedures, and representing them commercially.

We have succesfuly carried out investment studies for Chinese companies looking to move production to Mexico,

We have exported agro-food products to China such as Hass Avocado and also represent producers of pecan nuts, natural honey, seafood, cereals and tequila.

We have represented Chinese companies looking for buyers for their products in Mexico,

We source for American companies looking for suppliers in Mexico for several products such as building materials, decoration materials, and textiles.

Our business scope is to provide services to help Mexican companies to make business in China, Chinese companies to make business in Mexico and North American companies that want to source from Mexico.

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